Having been incorporated in the year of 2004 Kandyexpo (pvt) Ltd has outshone all its competition and has become one of the top and leading exporters of pure Ceylon Tea from Sri Lanka. Ceylon Tea is famous for its taste and has risen to be the No.01 natural beverage for consumers the World over.
Kandyexpo (pvt) Ltd also deals and exports traditional Sri Lankan handicraft items such as Wood Carvings, Traditional Sri Lankan Masks, Stoneware, Batiks, Curios, Silks, Brassware, Paintings and Antiques etc.

The alchemy of land, sun and rain in the Paradise Island of Ceylon, as it was known 40 years ago, presents the ideal climatic conditions for cultivation of tea.


Kandyexpo (pvt) Ltd.


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At Akidhma International PVT LTD, we will endeavour to continually achieve the highest standards in our enterprises with a dedicated focus towards quality, innovation and customer satisfaction.


We aim to accomplish our vision by:

ensuring compliance in all our products, services and activities

recruiting & retaining the best in professional talent

develop teams that are equipped to excel in the competitive environment

commitment to the highest standards of quality in our products, processes, and activities

honour & integrity in our interaction with all stakeholders of our organization.


Our long term association with leading companies allows us to leverage a global network to address new opportunities in international trade.
Akidhma International PVT LTD exports products from both its plantations and other businesses to customers worldwide. Currently, the export portfolio includes Tea, spices, all kind of coconut products, fresh vegetables, fruits, sea food, Batiks & Silks, Arts & Crafts.

Under take any special orders for Batik Wall Hangings, Table Clothes, Batik Shirts, Batik T-Shirts, Dressers, Bead Covers, Pillow Cases, Cushion Covers, etc

Whatever its origin, batik was a highly accomplished art form in Java and Bali by the thirteenth century as a pastime for fine ladies. The hand decorated fabrics first appeared in costumes of the aristocracy and were soon used in clothing worn by the entire court.
Today, the trend is to decorate the fabric any way the artist envisions; to apply design by any method, traditional or innovative, and even depart from standard procedures. Batik today is used for clothing, hangings, furnishings, relief and stuffed sculpture.